Final Fantasy XII (Graphic Blink/Flicker)
First, I'd like to say how awesome of an emulator PCSX2 is.

I wanted to know if anyone had a similar issue with FFXII that I am having and if they know how to fix it. It's not a big issue, it's just a little bothersome.

The problem I am having is that while I am playing, randomly an image of the game will blink onto my screen that seems like it may be an image from another part of the game. It happens very quickly and I can not even tell there is an image there most of the time.

I've tried turning off all the speed hacks and the don't seem to resolve the issue. I am running it on the latest beta version with the plugins that came with the download. The July 8th version.

My PC specs:
Core 2 Duo @ 3ghz
4GB DDR1066 Memory
GeForce GTX260

Running the game at:
2048x2048 @ 1920x1080
GSdx 1479 SSE3 w/ DX10HW

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maybe a bug since it is a beta, try using an older graphics plugin maybe that will do the trick.
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Thank you. I downloaded the plugins from the 9.6 version and loaded up the GSdx 890 seemed to worked perfectly.

Now, I wonder if I should post a bug report about it somewhere? or if I will have any negatives to using this older plugin?
Probably you'll lose some speed somewhere, have you been using save states or speedhacks btw? it could cause that.
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Turn off "VU SKIP."

It doesn't work well with FF XII.

Visit this link to get the latest GDSX graphics plugins by Gabest.

Visit this link to get the latest SPU2-X audio plugins by Air:

Visit this link to get the latest Lilypad controller plugins by ChickenLiver:

Visit this link to get the latest ZZogl graphics plugins by Zeydlitz:

Alternatively you can visit the link in my signature for all of the above and recommended settings.

Final Fantasy XII is the main game I play on PCSX2 so I can vouch for the settings in the link at my signature.
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I think my settings are better than the ones in your sig, but thank you anyway. The plugin update for GSdx was useful so I could get a newer one without using the beta one that causes me issue. Also, I found no option for VU SKIP.
"vu skip" is a frame skipping mode. it was replaced by the speed hack "vu cycle stealing" with the official beta r1190 of pcsx2.
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