Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System Font Overlap
I'm having a problem with the font ingame overlapping as you can see here:

[Image: ffxii.jpg]

Under Tutorial the font overlaps itself quite alot, i have tried diffrent options and can't seem to stop it.

Any reply's would be great and thanks in advance.

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No fix as far as I know; it's a minor negative side effect of the IZJS english patch. Visually speaking, it might look slightly less bad with texture filtering forced to on; YMMV.
How would i force it on?

EDIT: I dident realise the option under the video plugin wasen't ticked, has made it alot better! It still overlaps but looks much nicer.

[Image: ffxii2.jpg]
have you checked this on a real PS2?
Unfortunately not, i own an EU PS2 and an EU version of FF XII but apparently the Zodiac Job system with ENG patch doesn't work on EU PS2's so i don't think I'll try.
well, yes, you have to have a method of loading burned games
I do, i have multiple PS2's and 1 i can use for burned games.
then try IZJS on that PS2 and see if it does the same thing
Simply check with software rendering. The output will be the same as on a real console.
I've tested that actually.not with IZJS but with other games, pcsx2's sw mode isn't the same in all cases

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