Final Fantasy XII: Missing textures

I have a problem when playing Final Fantasy XII, as implied by the title there are some missing textures in the game, after some experimenting with the settings it seems like this problem only occurs in hardware mode.

Hardware mode:
[Image: i85kJ.jpg]

Software mode:
[Image: THl6K.jpg]

Here are a few snapshots of my settings:

[Image: BSBtc.png]
[Image: eN8tO.png]

I tried searching this forum for any post about this problem, I found this thread and OP apparently had the same problem as I did, after reading through the thread apparently someone else had already posted about this issue with a solution that involved replacing his plugin version with one in a beta release... However seeing as I already have the latest release and I don't know how to get the SVN build (I have no experience with SVN so I figured I'd look for other solutions first), I honestly don't know where to go from here...

The speedhack settings are all from the wiki page

I have Directx 11

Any help would be appreciated... The only reason I don't just play on software mode is it lags too much in the menus (it actually crashed once) and in certain crowded game areas to the point of being unplayable Sad

Sidenote: does anyone know how to resize images using BBcode?

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You can grab SVNs from the main site here To get back thee just hover over the download and it will be on the right side of the menu that pops up.

What build are you currently using by the way? Latest stable is 1.0.0
So... I downloaded the latest SVN build, apparently the issue has been fixed... I don't know why I didn't just do that instead of wasting our time here, thanks for the help though!

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