Final Fantasy XII (PAL) - Wierd Shadows?

Lookin at the green objects on the image.. They appear in most of the field cutscenes, whilst this isn't a major problem it gets annoying when half the texture is covered with colourless mass... I'm assuming it's supposed to be the character shadow.

Is this happening in everyone elses FFXII? Or is it maybe I've created my ISO with a shoddy program?

Also another not so horrible problem is during FMV sequences the screen will appear to flicker and a black frame will appear for a milisecond everynow and then or a piece of a frame will have a bit of black interference. Once again, my ISO or Emu problem?

I've tried searchin forums and not found anything on it so... sorry if there is infact a dup thread.

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That's a problem the PAL versions of that game have, unfortunately.
You could try to change the GSdx scaling or internal resolution a bit.
That could fix the shadows.
If you're using 3x scaling resolution in the latyest beta try a custom one or 2x scaling maybe.
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