Final Fantasy XII SVN with best sound and performance?
Hello everyone. First time here posting.
I know this has been asked to some degree before. I used information in previous threads to help answer my question but i still seem to have a bit of an issue with the game.

My current rig is the following.

i5 2500k clocked at 3.7g
8gig ddr3 ram
nvidia gtx 560ti

Monthst ago i had a dulacore core 2 due running at 3.4g with 4 gigs of ram. and a ati 5670.

I ran the game at 720p using SVN 4803.
Preset was set to aggressive and I used Direct x11
the game ran fine and i didn't notice any graphical issues. when i use direct x 9 the game looks ok except all characters seem to have this thin black line next to them. Also audio wasn't in sync even with default timings. (i still use the default settings. SPU2x 4780)

I was pretty happy with it using DX11 and the sound out of sync really only effect cutscenes.

Now using my current rig stated at the top the game stutters a bit. im using the most current graphics drivers and audio drivers as well. I also wanted to know if there was a solution to the audio sync issue as well.

Any recommended SVN or version you guys can tell me and setting based on my rig would be greatly appreciated.

Also DX9 seems to work better than dx11 but the issue with the vertical lines nect to the chars is annoying. i couldnt find a way to fix that. that happens on ym current rig and on my old one.

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If DX9 Hardware runs better than DX11 hardware then by all means use DX9.

Could you give us screenshots of the vertical lines?

Don't use Aggressive. I recommend the following :

> For the GSdx plugin, use SSE4. If you have AVX, then that's even better.
> Native Resolution in DX11 Hardware Mode
> HW Hacks Disabled
> All checkbox speedhacks enabled (including MTVU)
> Sliders all set to the default 0. Do not change the sliders (unless you want to experiment with them - you can as you might find something that runs faster)
> In SPU2-X, lower the latency. If 50 works for you then go for it.

I don't know if Final Fantasy XII is compatible with Clamping turned off, but try it and see if it gives you a performance boost without problems. You can find clamping modes in both the EE/IOP and VU tabs.

Lastly, I know that for graphical errors you can try the skip-draw hack in the HW hacks (enable HW hacks and configure this). Try different numbers until the graphical problems go away, if they ever do without huge sacrifices. If you can't rid yourself of the annoyance then SW mode may be the only option you have against it.

If all else fails, use Software Mode.
Oh, and update to the latest SVN (though we're currently having some GSdx problems).
Thank you for the response.,

Seems DX9 with avx does not have the issue with the line as i stated before. Smile

Im still testing the sound at 50ms but its a bit staticy at times might increase the latency to 75 to see.

I read about the skip[ draw hack. thats in the hsdx section of the plugin right. i see a hacks section at the bottom but i cant find where to enable hacks. how do i do that. What revision are you using by the way?
Quote:I read about the skip[ draw hack. thats in the hsdx section of the plugin right. i see a hacks section at the bottom but i cant find where to enable hacks. how do i do that
[Image: newsig.jpg]
If your graphical problem is fixed now then I don't see the need for using Skip-Draw. I mean yeah it will it'll load less graphical layers therefore it'll run faster, but it's probably not worth it. Have at it though I guess - testing won't hurt anything.

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