Final Fantasy XII Sound Problem
EDIT 2: Sorry for wasting your time. I loaded the game from an in-game save and the problem's gone. Looks like using a save state is causing the problem. Teach me to be impatient with the normal saves. Thanks anyway for reading.

I started playing FF XII yesterday and when I got to Rabanastre, I started to hear "beeps" every now and then. I don't know how to describe the sound since I'm not a native speaker but "beeps" are the closest thing I can think of. It didn't happen when I was controlling Rekes. I don't know if the background music or the sound effects are causing them cause they just appear randomly. The sound is normal except those beeps but it's annoying. I played around with different sound outputs and latency values but the noise is still there so I reset all the values back to their defaults. I searched in the forum but nobody seems to be experiencing this problem. I'm using 0.9.6 Beta r1474, GSdx 0.1.15 r1600 and SPU2-X 1.2.0. Renderer is set to DirectX 10 (Hardware) but all settings are at their defaults and I don't have any speed hacks enabled. I'm playing from an NRG (Nero Image) and I ripped it using Nero successfully so I hope the problem doesn't come from a poor rip. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: If needed, I can record the sound and upload it.
My Specs: Intel E8400 @ 3.8 GHz (Stock cooler, Default voltages), Kingston 3GB 800MHz, XFX GTX 260 Core 216 55nm, Segate 160 GB & 500 GB SATA, Realtek HD Audio 7.1 Channels

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