Final Fantasy XII animation error
Final Fantasy XII animation error

The game runs well about 35 45 - fps, but the intros and the other movies of the game are not clear. Soon I will post here an image too.

What should I do?

My spec

dual core 3ghz (sse2)

2gb ddr2 ram

ATI HD4670 Sapphire 1gb ddr3

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what pcsx2 version are u using? it plays just fine in 1888 and/or march plugins installed.
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Set GSdx to native resolution, that might fix it. Alternatively software rendering.
You can switch to Software rendering with the F9 key while playing, at least it usually works Tongue
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I am currently playing this game with r1888 and the March plugins at 3x resolution at full speed. Make sure you're using these releases and if you have the ability, vista sp2 or higher I believe, make sure you're using the directx 10 version of GSDX. Speed hacks that I'm using and appear to be stable are 1.5x cycle rate, all three EE misc hacks, Stats flag hack, and the very first tick of VU Cycle Stealing.
how do i find r1888 is that a pcsx version or gdsx, i searched but couldnt find. also, what is the difference between dx10 and dx3d10. i saw some one mention its better for windows 7 users to use the 3d one.

thanks for ur help
You don't need beta 1888 it is outdated, use 0.9.7. DX10 and DX3d10 is the same thing, which the first being the more correct of the 2.
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