Final Fantasy XII cut scenes
I'm new to this forum, so maybe I'm asking this question to the wrong people, but I'm trying to pull the cut scenes video from my ps2 Final Fantasy XII disc. I found a program that took the 40 movie segments out but more then half of the storyline video wasn't accessed. I'm not trying to play the game on my computer, just string together all the movie and cut scenes together like a movie. Any ideas?

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the story segments aren't video, they are scripted in game sequences.
OK, so how do I grab them from the disc?
I'm sorry. That sounded rude. I've been at this too long and am frustrated. I got the 40 video portions but they're mostly airships. I'm trying to get the rest. Like I said, frustrated.
see, this is where i troll you, you get mad, i get banned and bositman closes the thread for the content being less then intelligent.

You would have to play through the entire game and record the in game sequences.
I'm sorry. I wasn't mad. I thought my reply sounded abrupt and rude. not a polite response at all. Wen I said "that sounded rude", I meant MY response. I'm sorry if it sounded otherwise. Again, I apologize.
I thought there might be a way to pull the rest of the parts that play themself, just like there was a way to pull the intro and ending and 38 other segments. I don't mean the playable segments.
If they are rendered with the game's engine and are not videos, I guess they don't even exist in the disc but are generated by then you'd have to actually play them and record them while doing so as said above.
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thanks for your time. And again, didn't mean to offend.

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