Final Fantasy XII error with cg videos
hi I'm new in the forum.

I have a problem with FFXII, the cg videos have a sort of scanlines, but these depend on the internal resolution that I put in the configuration. I'm using the 0.9.7.r3113 version of pcsx2 and I just bought a new pc. the fact is that with my old pc, the problem was already there, and I thought that with the new pc it would be solved, it seems not. when I mark the option of using the ps2 internal resolution, there is no problem with it, the videos show correctly (the cg videos) but when I mark any internal resolution, they are bad-shown, there's a sort of scanlines on it. anyone knows what is this about?

also as the D3D internal res is greater, I see less screen, the scanlines occupy more and more part of the screen

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Try pressing F9 while the video is running to switch to software mode then F9 after so it gets back to hardware.
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oh that works, and it's not annoying, thanks for you help Smile

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