Final Fantasy XII, good rig, setting suggestions

after playing FFX HD on my PS3 i was in the mood of playing FF 12 again too, but since PS2 looks so aged and bad on a bigger LCD TV and also the controller cable is too short lol, i was checking other options and found this emulator.

Downloaded, checked guides, set it up, made an image of my Game DVD and started playing.

My Specs are i7 920 quad-core @ 3.6GHz, GTX 770 and 12GB RAM. So i guess i can use some of the higher settings. Can anyone suggest something which is "best looking" ? What i mean is, native x6 or native x4 and MSAA x4? FXAA? FX Shader? Right now i use native x5 and no MSAA and also none of any hacks that are available and it looks smooth but also very blurry, especially in ingame cutscenes, any idea how to avoid that? Also i noticed some minor shadow glitches with blocky shadows or just some black lines in place of real shadows. And another thing i noticed is that sometimes in cutscene dialogs a word is missing or rather skipped.

Anyone with a similar rig config can tell me what he used or what the "good looking" configs are? Or at least the fixes for my minor problems.

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Pre-rendered scense will look blurry nothing can be done there, actual ingame scenes will and should look fine.

I personally use DX11 4x native with AF x8 and GSDX shader ( all setting on except color grading) anything past 4x native is waste imo. Try alpha hack it can fix shadow problems. and the game look really good

Feel free to go threw the GSDX hacks section and see what does what and fixes things and update

should also bookmark the place as people have update some games to way of fixing things for games there , well the few that actual know about and actual contribute to it which few to begin with
How do you get AFx8? through Driver? And i read to use the FX Shader you have to edit or download something and put it in an own folder?
texture filtering has to be on in newer builds to enabled AF

GSDX shader is included in new builds too GSDX shader is included in new builds too (GSdx_FX_Settings) put 1 in the settings you want enabled and enabled gsdx external shader in gsdx.
Are there 64bit versions too?
would be useless
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Okay. i use 4x native, AF x16, Ultra Quality FXAA and Shader options ON except colors now. i also use HW hack Alpha cause it seems to fix the huge lense flares and blury stuff, havent seen shadows in cutscene yet, but looks good for now. No other hacks activated.

Will tell once i saw shadows in cutscene.
While hacks can fix things it could have negative side effects like possible shadows going missing or other effects.

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