Final Fantasy XII lag
Okay, so I'm running this game on a 2 year old laptop
1.8ghz core 2 duo T7100
Ram 2gig

I've set it up so that the game runs at about 45fps in most places in game, but the cut scenes' video lags a lot, they get about 15-30fps... The audio is normal, but the talking pauses for 10-15 seconds to wait for the video to catch up...Is there anyway I could get it up to a decent speed?

Right now I'm using Direct3D9 (hardware), with D3D internal Res at the lowest possible (512, 512) and native unchecked... and all the boxes on the graphics unchecked...

For speedhacks I'm using the INTC sync, Enable IOP, and waitcycles hacks... the EEsync hacks don't seem to make a difference...

and on advanced settings, i've got the clamp modes set to none, and flush and denormals checked...

is there anything else I can do that might speed up the cutscenes?


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hi, buy a new system your laptop is outdated.
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uhm... try getting the latest PCSX2 beta and latest GSdx and use the "VU cycle stealing" in pcsx2 speedhacks setting it to slight or moderate, other than that not much can be done. You cant use Direct3d10 (hardware) in GSdx?
yeah...i'm getting a new laptop at the end of july when I go to college for orientation...

@shadow lady: direct3d10 doesn't work as well... thanks, i'll try the beta and gsdx
doesnt work or you cant use it? Tongue

dont need to uninstall just put the executable in the same folder as the regular and run it from there.
doesn't work...

and i just tried the beta... didn't seem to make a difference, at least not in the cutscenes... same frame rate, only worse audio for some reason...
did you also try the vu stealing speedhack?
yes, I tried that... caused it to mess up a couple times, and not much difference when it worked... idk, the game's playable at least... movies just kinda slow... guess that's the best I could hope for with a computer like this...
youd be better of using native res. afaik, using anything else it needs to recalculate slowing you down. however there isnt much you can do im afraid
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