Final Fantasy XII only slow in certain menus

I'm having a strange Speed Problem in Final Fantasy XII (U). My game runs fine whenever it renders in 3d, but when I go into the Item/Status Menu and the DungeonMap suddenly the the fps drop by ~50 fps (!?).

Regarding this I can play the game in 60 fps and above but when I change to the item Menu I only have ~24 fps. That's a pitty. Shouldn't the 3d renderings be more power hungry?

That doesn't apply to the save Menu, its full speed. (strange..)

I found out that this phenomon only happens if I set Gsdx to a greater internal resolution than its native. If I run the game in native resolution then all the menus do fine. The 3d fps don't change If I multiply the native resolution 1-2 Times.

Anyone got a clue what could be happening here?

My Specs:

Windows 7 64-bit professional
intel core i-5 m520 @2,40 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce Gm210
6 Gb ram

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disable "allow 8 bit textures in gsdx options
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(08-05-2010, 04:30 PM)jesalvein Wrote: disable "allow 8 bit textures in gsdx options

It's already disabled Sad
Please tell us the speed hacks used and compilers modes, screenshots of those windows will be fine.
The gm210 is unknown to me but the numbering places it in the lower end for gaming, hence it's almost impossible playing that game as it's reported without going deep in the hacks. And it could explain the slowdown mainly when scaling the internal resolution.

High levels of VU cycle stealing may give the false impression the high FPS obtained is actually backed with something actually happening... the FPS looks good but the lag is almost unbearable. Fortunately this game is very friendly to VU cycle stealing and this helps alot.
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The GPU is too slow, hence the slowdown.
Overclocking the GPU and memory on it may help but I'd rather replace it with some real graphic card Wink

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