Final Fantasy XII select button
I seem to be having this issue where the select button just doesn't work. I've tried mapping it to different keys but it just wont work with the game.

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Apologies in advance, but do you have a map to even display?

If I remember correctly select is for the area map and this was the annoying game that required you to buy or find a map to use a map. I think certain vendors sell them and they drop from chests or urns. It has been a few years since I last played 12, so I could be incorrect, but I think that may be your issue.

A good thing to check is to load up any other game you own that uses the select button to do .... well anything and see if it works in that game.
No that isn't the problem. What you pick up just shows the detail of the map. Also its not just the map select is used for but also for talents and things like that
I just tested it in both IZJS and the regular version and it works fine. So it's definitely something isolated to your computer and not a global bug.

- What controller plugin are you using?
- Does it work in other games?
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