Final Fantasy x-2
Hiya guys,

So i used to own FFX-2 and could never get past the magmus-sister (Shame on me i know)

So i wanted to give it another go. long story short, Dont lend out games to people that aint carefull with the cds...

Anyways. So ive been looking how to get FFX-2 working, But i just cant seem to find it, Some people say it isnt possible, Others say it is. Ive seen video's on youtube of people that have them running real smooth.

i was wondering if someone could help me with this? Kinda bought a controller i could hook up to the pc for this lol.

Anyways my specs are.

CPU - Q8400 2.66GHZ Quad.
Graphic card : ATI HD RADEON 5770 1GB

Running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

Hope someone has some experience and is willing to help a desperate guy!
Thanks in forward,


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That machine looks like it could give a decent go at it. What exactly is the problem?
Well, when ever i try to start it up, It starts out fine, But then the intro-video starts and its all laggy, and it has like 20 stripes running across the screen,Someone told me to press F9 that solves it... Quite a bit but now i have a huge black bar at the bottom and still isnt playing as i would on the ps2. I Wont mind a bit of lag, But stuttering like this(Also the audio) Is just to horrible to play
that's normal Twilight. The Intro is just very heavy. Try it in F9 to play it in Software and to remove the interlines. Press F5 till it's normal. Otherwise look the movies on Youtube or something. there are only 11 movies in the entire game.
Well, ingame i also experience some lagging/stuttering fps drop.

When getting into battle i also get a huge fps drop for a few seconds. And in the battle every now and then also.

Is this fixable?
not entirely sure if I'm right, but it is said that recommended u should have a Quad Core with atleast 3 Ghz. FFX-2 isn't that heavy, but which version of PCSX2 do u use? make sure that u download one of the SVN builds and turn on MTVU hack, which will help when u have more then 2 cores.

U can get it here:
i've downloaded this one : PCSX2 0.9.8 Installer
This is the PCSX2 0.9.8 full installer package for Windows.

Ill find a save point and ill check the settings, Thank you! :3
No problem, that's why we are here for ^^ and I always try my best to help others.
HeheSmile Seems to work pretty decent now, With the occasional slow-down, Where can i find this MTVU hack?

Only ones im able to find are, : mVU Flag hack (This one is on ) (mVU Block Hack) This on is off.
Read my post with the link, download one of the later SVN Builds and u can find it in Speedhacks.

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