Final Fight Streetwise speed (or lack thereof)
I haven't posted this as a bug because I'm not sure that it is, but any feedback would be appreciated.

FWIW the game seems to run fine in hardware mode these days so this isn't a big deal, however, the wiki entry for this game states: "The game works fine at a good speed in software mode".

Not any more it seems. On my i5 3570K at 4.4GHz, which is a lot more powerful than the computer listed in the wiki entry, the game can't get more than about 45-50fps in software mode. The EE% is around 35%, GS% around 70%. CPU utilisation by PCSX2 is reported by Windows to be around 90%, so CPU load is obviously the cause of the limit, but my concern is whether this behaviour has changed over time.

Does anyone else experience the same thing? Could this be a bug, was the wiki entry wrong, or have changes to the renderer simply made the game more demanding over time?

EDIT: This is using a build of the current GIT version.

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(09-19-2018, 02:19 PM)Silanda Wrote: EDIT: This is using a build of the current GIT version.

Most likelly that's why
More things fixed usually mean higher pc requirements
If you can,try the same version posted in the wiki

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