Final Fnatasy X the black screen :|
Hellow everyone!

Just got the emulator about a week ago and its truly looking great but here's the thing Blink

I followed your guides and read every support thread on issues that some may have and seen a few like this but i dont quite get why the solution was the way it was.

Now i set up the plug ins and that as the guide instructed but when i mount my Final fantasy x iso (i own two originals of the game and i may images of both) The emu boots up i hear the sounds of the spinning cubes part and the sound that comes up when the PS2 logo pops up and then nothing and then the music in the credits part right?

but the problem is that i dont see anything in the screen it remains black. I have sound but no visual of the game :|

I switched from GDSX to ZERO and it works but dam slow and missing textures and rendering is all messed up :?

so now can someone explain why this is happening? :?

Thanks in advanced ^_^

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PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? any kind of error in the console/output window?
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alright problem solved 8-o lol I just updated my direct x on my windows 7 lol

There weren't any error messages or anything it was like everything's running but i'm not getting any display but just reloading my direct x and now its working perfectly :-) Thanks though for the reply!

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