Final fantasy X doubt
Hello huy I have a doubt with Final Fantasy X. in the post Final fantasy X grapich problem I have got a doubt! The powr of SVGa for example geforce 9800gtx+ can cause grapich problem with final fantasy X , or this problem there are only vista??
MotherBoard:P965 Platinium Series MS-7238(V1.x)
Cpu:Intel Core Duo 6300 @1,86 Ghz
SVGA:GeForce 7100 GS [128 mega(512 chace memory)]
Ram:2,00 Giga

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do you mean that text glitch?
it only occurs on ZeroGS as far i know and has been fixed in the driver a long time ago.

btw: svga is a resolution standart, what you mean is called graphic or video cards Tongue2
or just say GFX that should also do it Happy

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