Final fantasy X help / advice
So I heard about this emulator for a long time, but never really bothered to check for it.

Just today I decided to give it a go since I got temped to play FFX again.
Anyway, I searched arround a little for some config tips and guides.
But to no avail.

The game runs, and it does run smoothly (I guess)
It gets from 60FPS - 40Fps. Wich annoys me alot is the fact that the sound keeps itself synched. At some point the intro runs flawlessly at 60 fps then when the angle's changing it moves down to 40 and the sound plays along on that speed. Its really irritating.

My specs:
AMD Phenom x2 7700 Black edition 2.8Ghz (Can OC it upto 3.1 if that would help alot)
4Gb ddr2 ram
ATI 4870 512MB DDR5
Windows vista 64bit

Will my specs be capable to run this game almost entirely at full speed(60 fps) or is it normal that these drops occur?
Maybe there's something in my config I should change?

Current config:
[Image: config.jpg]

Help appreciated,
Many thanks in advance!

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You should be able to run it without much of a problem, but yes slowdowns are normal. OC your CPU to 3.1GHz as you mentioned and use the latest beta and beta plugins:

You may want to set the clamps in advanced options to 'normal', having them at 'none' will probably cause some hangs later on.
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Try the latest beta (1888) and maybe even the newest plugins (Mar '10). I haven't necessarily tried FFX yet, but some other games I've tried before (with hacks, etc) run better now (with less hacks, sometimes NONE).
Well I oc'd my chip at 3.2 and I could already see a difference.
Some areas still lag a little, and sometimse it pops up for a few minutes.

I'm gonna try the beta and see if that changes anything, although I'm happy enough with my current results.

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