Final fantasy X save problem
Hello !

First, please excuse me if my English isn't perfect, but I'll try to do my best !

This is my problem :

I wanted to play FFX on my computer, and I decided to test it with a new game. Everything is ok, I can save my game on the first slot.

Then, I downloaded a 100% save game, and I wanted to put it in my memorycard 1 with mymc. It seems it works because I can see the save in mymc and in the memorycard 1 in the PS2 navigator.
The problem is that I can't see it in the game :/

After a google research, I decided to format my 2nd memorycard and put the save on it, but it doesn't work (there's no FFX save on my second memory card).

So, it's not a format problem (NTFS is checked), it's not a compatibility problem (my bios is European, as my save). I'm a little bit short on ideas lol !

PCSX2 version :
The FFX iso is from my own DVD

Thanks for reading me !

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Is the save you downloaded the same region as your game? Not the same as the BIOS but the same as the game.
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Does it matter ?

My game is a French game, and I downloaded my save here :

The save I took was the second in the PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Europe) section (the one given by ttforce). My PS2 bios is also in French !

Yesterday, if it can help somebody, I found a quite satisfying solution by transferring the data from the downloaded save to my save with FFXED !

Thanks for helping me Blyss !
Yes,mister,but gotch this info,depends of the game,some savegames when is NOT the same region can not work,fortunately in the case of Final Fantasy X no have problem.
Sometimes is possible converting a save game, but is a somewhat complex procedure involving many utilities. Anyway, the best solution is looking the SLES-xxx and trying to get a save for the same.

And yes, a save from different game's region won't show up ever.

If going to try the conversion, ask out and I'll try and remember the utilities to do so and the procedure, or maybe someone else remembers it from the top of the read. Be aware it's not always possible also.
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Thanks for your replies Wink

It seems to be a region problem, maybe I'll try to test on another game like god of war to see if it's the same thing.

For FFX, FFXED will do the trick for the moment !

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