Final fantasy XII saving problem and menu problem!!!!!
the game goes perfectly, but my big trouble with final fantasy xii is that after entering the saving menu, and after saving.....the game crushes, and windows vista stops executing pcsx2.....and after getting the first hunt, the menu has some exlamation marks that explain what are those options (forgive me for my bad english....).I' ll try to explain better. If i enter ''status'' the game does not crush, but if i enter '' equip'' or '' licence board'' (options that have that exlamation mark) and i try to turn to the normal map.....the game crushes it a compatibility problem with vista?

Processor: Intel Q9400 Quad core
Ram: 3 gb
graphic:Ati SAPPHIRE HD4870 1 GB
windows vista

Thank you very much and i apologize for my bad english Smile

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Try using the VM version of PCSX2,that should do it
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