Final fantasy x-2
im having problems with FMV opening scene .
it is jittering and plays slow , on the fps counter it only reads 29 fps ,
i read lots of threads about this issue and the only one that made sense to me was something about pressing f-9 to change to hardware or something .
if anyone could simplify the steps for me , id really appreciate it


ps. my graphics card is a 9600 gt nivda. so the fps being at 29 is not due to graphics, i play ff-x with great great ease at 50 fps

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to simplify :

when you get an FMV in FFX-2, press F9 to switch to gsdx software mode.
When the FMV is finished press F9 again to switch back to hardware mode.

the FMV will be slow, unless you have a very powerful CPU. But at least, it doesn't look corrupted when using software mode.
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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RAM : 16 Go

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