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Final fantasy x-2
(09-02-2012, 10:48 PM)VIRGIN KLM Wrote: Don't compare FFX results with FFX-2 results. FFX and FFX-2 use a completely different engine plus FFX used that mixture of prerendered with realtime graphics where FFX-2 we can say that renders everything realtime (except a couple of stuff). What about playing with the 8-bit texture setting in GSdX?

Whit 8-bit textures on it grew fps like 35 more, thanks.

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No prob. It seems that Square Soft./Enix games are very well balanced to give equal weight on CPU+RAM/GPU+VRAM so depending on your setup if you have an unbalanced system (like a weak GPU and a CPU with great power), you actualy break that balance and you have to rebalance it by giving a tough job for one department to the other. 8 bit textures seem to do the job in case of CPU or GPU stress on all games from this company I tested so far. I almost consider it a speedhack though it plays a bigger role in compatibility than what actual speedhacks do, some games desperately need it while others have glitches with it.

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