Final fantasy x lag (small spoiler)
ok, i searched and saw no real solution to my particular issue, so here is my setup, ill list it all. I have followed all the instructions in the Setup guide and I am using Lilypad for keyboard controls. I have tried clamping off as well as no framelimit, I am running this and this alone, no other programs outside.

Problem-I played through to the very first boss of FFX Pal version, what i experienced was horribly frustrating lag, mostly, and most noticably in areas where there was speech. The only thing that worked without a single flaw, at 100% framerate was the first FMV where Tidus is playing ball and sin destroys the city, with the metal-esque music. Outside of this it wont run at about any more than 22-27 fps.

Pentium D 2.8 ghz
Radeon HD 3850 graphics card
2 gigs ram
Windows 7
pcsx2 0.9.7

30004r v6 pal with MEC and NVM
scph10000 with MEC and NVM
scph 39001 with MEC and NVM
scph-70004_bios_V12_pal_200 with MEC NVM EROM ROM1 ROM2

Bios selection screen I am running V 2.0 Euro I have also tried the USA version and it is exactly the same.

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and of course, you own 4 PS2s ?
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