"Find My Own Way" tech demo issue
While it may seem unimportant to most people, I'd really like to view the "Find My Own Way" tech demo packaged into several demos and see how it looks upscaled.  However, it runs terribly on high-end hardware.  Interestingly, switching to Software Mode increases performance, but not by nearly enough.  Here's the tech demo in question:


However, this is how it runs in Hardware rendering on PCSX2:


Saying this is a slideshow wouldn't be exaggerating.

And this is how it runs in Software mode:


The audio is better here, but it still lags, and the visuals still aren't even close to full speed.

I've messed around with various clamping settings, GPU settings, and EE/IOP settings, as well as disabled and enabled speedhacks - if any of those made a difference, I couldn't tell.

I'm assuming it stuggles because it's trying to take full advantage of everything the PS2 can do, and PCSX2 is very hacky and aimed toward performance in games only.  But I wanted to see if there's anything I can do to get this running better.

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It's alreadya known issue, if you pause, hold O and unpause it will run faster iirc
Okay, I found my own solution. I managed to create an ISO with only the tech demo so it boots directly into it. Now it works. Strange.

Edit: For some reason it only worked on the first boot. Now it runs like crap again and holding Circle then releasing it does nothing.

Edit 2: I got it to pause, but unpausing it doesn't increase performance any, plus nothing is rendered correctly.
It's literally impossible for me to pause. It's running so slow that Start button inputs almost never register, and the one time I did get it, holding Circle and unpausing didn't help performance any. Plus, the little pause symbol does appear, but the demo doesn't actually pause.

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