Finding Address from CodeBreaker
Game Title - Lord of the Rings - The Third Age

The thing is that the CodeBreaker code for freezing AP of characters to 9999 in this game is bugged. So I thought I would do it manually using a Memory Hacking Software. Now...

I know CodeBreaker codes are based on Memory Addresses so I decrypted the required codes and got these...

//Inf AP - Berethor
//Inf AP - Eaoden
//Inf AP - Elegost
//Inf AP - Hadhod
//Inf AP - Idrial
//Inf AP - Morwen

Now I m pretty sure the latter part of each code is the "value to freeze to". Because 0000270F in Hex becomes 9999 in Decimal. So the former part is obviously the address. Btw...Inf=Infinite.

Now here's what I observed. I did a normal search in the memory for the required value and found Berethor's AP at 041B2C3E and the address given in the codebreaker code is 00CD1C3E. I subtracted 00CD1C3E from 041B2C3E in a Hex calculator and got 34E1000. I ran memory search for all the others and the pattern remains the same. All have a difference of 34E1000 between them.

Now my questions are ... How does this work? How do CodeBreaker codes work and how is Memory Address determined?

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Thanks..! But Not what I was looking for, Iceman. I mean... How do the Codes ACTUALLY do their work in an Emulator? And why is the difference between the address given in the code breaker always 34E1000 hexes shorter than the actual address where the value is stored?

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