Finding the right resolution?
Hi i have a 16:9 1366x768 labtop

if i set 1366x768 69 Hz from Settings D3D int. res 1366x768 and ratio : 16:9
do i have to enable widescreen mode from games like God of War ?

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I know my post isn't helpful, but if you own the game then it's probably faster to try it out yourself than wait for someone to tell you if it's right or wrong. If you own it, just give it a go, if you can't try right now, sorry ^__^;
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tnx i tried before if i enable wide screen from game with my options kratos becomes a little taller Laugh anyway not a problem at all
yes, the aspect ratio of the screen resolution, gsdx and your game setting should match, otherwise the output of the game will probably be stretched/compressed, which looks rather akward. i e.g. play ffx @ 1600x1200px resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio, cause it doesn't support a 16:9 output and setting gsdx to 1920x1200 and 16:9 with this game will make every character look fatter than they are originally Wink
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Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah, if you have a game with the widescreen option, you are going to want to enable it for your laptop.
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Tnx for answers Tall Kratos Rules Laugh

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