Fire Pro Wrestling Slow Down

Been using PCSX2 for years now on windows and love it! Just play Fire Pro Wrestling with it (pro wrestling simulator/game).

Looking to make the jump to Mac but am having issues.

First off, I don't want to use Parallels or Bootcamp to run the windows version of PCSX2. I want to use the Mac version.

So. . .

Got myself a new Mac Pro laptop (one with Lion, the 6750 graphics card and i7 processor). Followed all the instructions, etc. and got it running.

If FLIES through the opening scenes at like 200+ FPS. Smile Problem comes when you get to the screen where you can select the guys in the match and such - drops to like 25FPS there. Then, after you leave that screen, it chugs along at a very high speed once again.

Here's a vid:

I've done lots of messing with it for the past several hours, but, no matter what speedups, etc. I toggle, I always have massive slowdown at that one point - to about 25FPS. Makes it very hard to navigate that menu and really makes things virtually unplayable.

So, seeing as it flies in all the other spots on the game, wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to counter that one lag spot.

TIA! Biggrin

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Upon further review, this seems to be a driver issue. Only the DX drivers have it running smoothly in Windows and no such drivers for Mac.

Very disappointing.

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