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FireShock - native USB Windows Driver for Sony DualShock Controllers
What are the benefits to this program over the native driver released by Sony? SCP toolkit is becoming a flaky mess lately so i am looking for replacements.

Also, is Bluetooth support ready in the latest build?
Intel Core i5-4690k @4.5ghz
Samsung 16GB DDR3 @2000mhz
GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
Windows 10 x64

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Installed the 3 drivers in the first package and the installer, but don’t see controller. Also fireshock 4 is recognized in device manger not in controllers
Does this also work with Bluetooth?
(08-10-2017, 08:14 PM)thebakker Wrote: Does this also work with Bluetooth?

Halp, I don't see the PCSX2 Modifications option
installing this now, hope it works
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using the latest fireshock and vigem doesnt work; modifications don't show; would downgrading ViGEm/Fireshock to older version(s) help, or is this instance a lost cause?
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So I figured out how to make it work for pcsx2; I had a feeling that it wouldn't work if I didn't use it as portable, so I took my installed pcsx2 and copied it to the desktop, took the files from my documents folder (bios folders, ini folder, etc..) and copied those to the pcsx2 (desktop) folder, made a portableini file, reconfigured it for portable use, and then I dealt with ViGEm and x360e

I had to take the devcon.exe file from my bluetooth folder, copy it to the x64 driver folder with the drivers and stuff, use devcon in an elevated command prompt to install the drivers because normal right click/install didn't work, and after that, downloaded the x360e program and x360e2vigem program (had to look on ViGEm forums for this one), and took the xinput1_4 file from system32, copied it to the x360e directory then ran it as admin, configured my controller, then extracted x360e2vigem (and the dll file it had) to the x360e folder, then ran that as admin, and after it set ANOTHER controller to configure on x360e, went to the controller config for pcsx2, blanked all the non fireshock ds3 settings, re-configured it, and it works

the ONLY roadblock im getting is lack of rumble support in pcsx2/x360e, and this setup I got DOESN'T WORK with any other emulator; if I can figure out how to make it work with dolphin (only other emulator I use) and figure out how to get rumble working, then ill finally be free of scptoolkit forever

ANY help at this point is appreciated
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As of this post, I have it working now; I looked into the fireshock issues tab in GitHub and found this tab saying the newer versions wouldn't setup the fireshock ds3/ds4 xinput devices; then I downloaded the VDX (x360 to vigem) demo app here, ran the x64 version as admin, set so my controller was emulated as a Dualshock 4 controller, then tested it out in both the latest pcsx2 git build AND the dolphin emulator, and everything properly registers; just need to wait so the later versions of fireshock and vigem setup the XINPUT devices for the ds3 and ds4 respectively, but I can now say this

SCPToolKit, I loved you, you were my bae back in the day, but I hereby wash my hands of you once and for all, fireshock and vigem is now the way to go
Now go help me flame these zombies to canada
Alright, folks. Had a huge failure today with SCPToolkit *and* Fireshock. Posting this in both forums with the hopes of someone being able to help me out.

First note: I am using Windows 7 on a 64-bit installation.

Second note: I had a problem with launching Steam today - I discovered it was because of my antivirus software, BitDefender 2018. They released an update that I just installed, and its new default settings prevented Steam from opening. Everytime I would launch it, I would get a Windows error that a particular subclient of the Steam program had stopped working.

Here is where my problems with SCP and Fireshock come in.

I realized I was having an SCP failure - I'm not sure if this was started around the same time I had Steam problems, but I assume it was. The error was:
"The program can't start because the D3DCOMPILER_47.dll is missing from your computer." This same error would pop up with every SCP executible - TrayApp.Exe, ScpUpdater.exe, and ScpCleanWipe.exe, everything. Finding that DLL and placing it in the SCP folder didn't work.

So, I go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, and use the Windows unisntaller to remove SCP Toolkit. Reinstalling it afterwards continues to give the same errors.

Then I install Fireshock. Initially, Fireshock works like a dream! No fluff, no problems, great! But, all of my game settings were set up based on SCP having my Dualshock emulate a 360 controller, and I didn't want to have to manually rebind everything... so I went and installed the 64-bit version of x360ce and the ViGEm Bus Driver, ViGEm User-Mode Library, and the ViGEm User-Mode Assembly. Then I encountered two problems:
#1) It still wasn't letting me emulate a 360 controller - maybe this is just because I was using x360ce incorrectly, the program is kind of confusing, but it wasn't working.

#2) More importantly, some form of audio degradation was introduced on my computer. After running a program with sound for 5 minutes - video games, an mp3, whatever - small bits of distortion would periodically effect the audio coming from whatever program. After ten minutes, sounds would become so garbled they would be incredibly obnoxious to listen to and not at all sound as intended. This problem persisted through multiple restarts. After using Control Panel/Programs and Features to uninstall Fireshock, this distortion problem stopped, which means Fireshock was somehow causing these distortion problems.

So, I'm looking for next steps and advice.

#1) Is there a way for me to get SCP Toolkit working again?

#2) Is there a way to find and solve this Fireshock audio distortion problem?
#2b) Assuming the above can be done, is it possible to have Fireshock emulate a 360 controller as the SCP Toolkit did? This is not a necessary item but it would be great if I could get it done.

I'm happy to answer any questions if it assists in troubleshooting. Thanks in advance for the help.

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