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FireShock - native USB Windows Driver for Sony DualShock Controllers
update from last post: i got some help over in the SCP thread - - and have reinstalled my whole windows OS.

but now i have no idea what to do or how to make this work...

(01-07-2017, 03:22 PM)mirh Wrote: VnnAmed Wrote:
About my issue with finding ViGEm. Basically I always navigate to github site here and I can't figure it out how to find ViGEm.exe there :3
there are no exes here, only .apis - i don't know how to install .api

if i cannot install ViGEm, aka if i cannot let the DS3 be detected as an Xbox 360 controller, Fireshock is effectively useless for me and i may as well use SCP Toolkit


SCP toolkit is so user friendly, i just double click an exe and install things, and then when i plug in my DS3 via USB it just works. is there anyway Fireshock can be updated with something... ... easier for your average user to figure out? fireshock installs like a dream but this x360ce / vigem stuff i just cannot get a handle on. .API files I don't know how to use instead of .exes, .MD files for readmes that don't contain installation instructions even when I open them.... is this just supposed to be for developers or something? idk i feel like i need to have some coding/programming knowledge to get this to work properly and that's pretty disappointing =/

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So I have a bit of a problem with FireShock. I've tried installing it multiple times but the result is the same every time. After I plug my controller in System interrupts starts devouring cpu usage. In only a minute it eats up to 50+% on its own. Left on its own my computer will completely lock up. As soon as I unplug the controller it goes back to normal. Any idea why this might be happening?
nefarius, this and vigem still rocks to this day; I sent you a tweet regarding the github wiki, hit me up with a response whenever its cool for you
Now go help me flame these zombies to canada

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