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First time poster. question on x1 controller
Can i use my xbox one controller for pcsx2? Thanks ^_^

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you should be able to
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(11-23-2014, 10:26 PM)ARabidGuineaPig Wrote: Can i use my xbox one controller for pcsx2? Thanks ^_^

You probably can. Just plug it in and make sure xinput is selected in the lilypad options.
I've used mine with it for quite some time. I use a wireless one with the adapter.
What adapter?
I think he meant to say his Xbox 360 controller as Microsoft hasn't released a wireless adapter for the XB1 controller.
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Ok kar that makes more sence!

I think i want to pick up a 360 controller to. I like it better than the x1. Thumb sticks are more responsive
Edit: Wait, I see he says xBox one not 360. Sorry about that.
English isn't my native language, if I make a spelling error, don't hesitate to let me know.

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xBox 360 controller
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Hm can you use the 360 adapter for pc with the xbox one controller?

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