First timer. fail. :(
Hello everyone, I'm new here so I need some help who are using this emulator for a long time. I wanna have some hobby when I have a free time/ no classes at all.

I read a lot of threads in here. I already downloaded 0.9.6 version and 0.9.7, the web setup also I think but I really do not know where to start. Always got error and some unknown stuffs. As far as I read some other threads/ guides , I still don't know the answer. I'm just getting dizzy. Hope you guys help me. Thank you.

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start here :
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RAM : 16 Go
post your pcsx2 configuration and your specs
yeah. I got problem with configuration. I do not know what should I use in every tab. There's too many choices.

When I enter it, it says " Could not load GS Plugin 'plugins': <NULL> then the configuration will appear again, then when I ok it again this little blue thing came up.

Sorry for the trouble.
Amazingly you didn't answer any of the questions posed previously so we still can't help you Tongue You don't need to change the defaults, they should work out of the box.
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Sorry for double posting.

I do not know how to find pcsx2 configuration.

Asus K42J Series
CPU: Intel Core i3-350M 2.27GHz
VGA: ATI Mobility Radeon HD5145; VRAM: 1GB
320GB Hard drive
Memory: 2GB DDR3
OS: Windows7 Ultimate ( 32 bit )

Tell me if I forgot something that you need to know.
From downloading I guess I have no Problem with that. Only from configuration of this emulators.

Sorry for double/triple post.
dude ffs there is a big button marked EDIT, use it.
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