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Work has never stopped since the release of PCSX2 0.9.1, in fact it rarely does Smile

Refraction has made significant fixes to counters making games much more stable. For instance, Final Fantasy X-2 is now stable enough to be classed as "playable". Disgaea will play story scenes without freezing, and Resident Evil 4 is much more stable during gameplay!

Saqib has been bustling away with IPU and more and more games are playing videos without looping or crashing mid-way through playback. This fixes games such as Grand Theft Auto III, Final Fantasy X and WipEout Fusion.

Zerofrog, busy as ever, has been fixing vuREC0/1 issues and making those games that do go 'Ingame' look correct including: Rayman M, Silent Hill 2, and a personal favorite WipEout Fusion.

Saqibs IPU fixes combined with ZeroFrogs work on the graphical issues (I bugged him to death about this game Tongue ) have made WipEout Fusion playable! So head to the Videos section to watch this game for the first time running brilliantly on PCSX2, also checkout the recent Final Fantasy X-2 Video.

:: Video Downloads
:: Screenshots Thread

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