Fix remaining games that do nothing
New thread as suggested.
There are 3 games remaining that do "nothing" World rally championship 4 eur , Dead or alive 2 - hardcore JP, Sega Superstars eyetoy eur, what is pcsx2 team do with this [Image: laugh.gif] Officially booting that games and 0 nothing would look great in next progress report [Image: laugh.gif]

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There are games too not in the list...
I refer to official game compatibility. Sure some hacks/patches helps but anyway games with hacks exist since forever.
If many games are not listed bother with this topic.
Im sure collecting all released ps2 titles are not easy.
Dead or Alive 2 European version (I didn't import the Japanese version) does work... so if you are just going of a compatibility list you might want to check it.

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