[Fixed] PCSX2 Burnout Horizontal line visual bug?
In the burnout games (dominator, revenge, haven't tried takedown yet) I get this horizontal line going across the screen a certain distance from wherever the camera is looking at. It just goes across the surfaces in the game.
I only get it when the resolution is upscaled though... So if I play on native, the line dissapears.
I'm looking for a way to fix this as it didn't happen on my previous gpu.

im on version 79db01d dev

my current specs areĀ 
AMD R5 3600 cpu
16GB ram
msi b450 gaming tomahawk max mobo

emulation settings all default (no preset enabled) apart from mtvu enabled.

Edit: Fixed, tried latest stable release and the lines are gone.

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I've got this same white line on Burnout 3. It seems to happen when you do the software mode > hardware mode trick to fix the sky glitch.
It's happening on the latest official build plus the 1.7something that I also tried.
Wow the stretching...set the game to wide screen Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Setting skipdraw range to 3 in HW Hacks fixed this issue for me.
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