Fog/Rain in Persona 4
Hi there, I'm having a problem trying to run Persona 4. Thing is that I can run the game fine, at full speed but I get a biiig slowdown when there is a fog (in the beginning) or when it's raining in the scene (when they're outside). Is there a hack a something else capable of making this part to work fine? I'm using the PCSX2 0.9.6, the gsdx 890 (msvc 15.00, SSE41) 0.1.14. I have VU Skip selected, EERec- EE/IO recompiler and all other options in the cpu config marked. I'm using "Use x2 Cycle Rate" and have all other options marked in the speed hacks options. My advanced options are, from up to top: positive, none, flush to zero, denormals are zero, chop/zero, normal and flush to zero e and denormals are zero again. My pc specs is Intel Core 2 Duo P7550 (2.66Ghz), 4Gb of Ram and a Ati Mobility Radeon 4530 overclocked to 700 in the core clock and 900 in the memory clock. Sorry for the big post and the bad english, it's not my first language Biggrin

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Why not grab the beta pluggins from here
Also its not Good to have all the speed hacks on, you might find that it can slow thing down.
Also if your Game try the latest Beta it Good
Its aslo has the beta pluggins included
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Vince_Lionhart: Your PC should be able to handle it, use beta 1888 that omnikam linked you to and you'll get a nice speed boost.

omnikam, please don't direct link like that since whenever we modify these files (for whatever reason) they become dead, just link to the public beta section of downloads in Wink
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First of all, thank you, P4 is running a lot better with the pcsx r1888 but it still doesn't get 100% in the fog, rain and in some scenes. Do you recommend any speed hacks or specific config. I'll test all of then eventually, but if you already did it, it would help a lot Biggrin Thanks again!
Since you have a very slow graphics you might want to try checking the "native" option in GSdx, if you're already using that there may not be much more to do may try checking/unchecking the "allow 8-bit textures" option.
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Thank you all! Now I can be happy again! It's working fine fine!Biggrin
Hi againBiggrin, I don't know if this is the right place, but as P4 doesn't have it's own thread.. I'm playing actually in the notebook and I don't have a ps2 controller to use right now. I can't get behind the enemies slowly to get advantage in the battle as I could in p3. I tried to configure the mouse functions to try to move slowly but i coundn't find the right config to the thing. Is there a way to use the touchpad or the mouse to do the walking or I'll need the ps2 controller to do the stuff? Sad Thanks again

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