Fool needs a Hand
Hi guys Tongue

I need some help with getting my emulator to run smoothly
This is not a "Why is my game slow" question so please don't kick me...... please? Blush
I have been told my System specs are up to scratch so some help would be nice

I've been attempting to get three games working (Because its all I have)
Gran Turismo 4 (Disc and ISO Ripped from disc)(Pal Version, Doubt it'll work ever) - Not working, Stops at warning screen but you knew that. Rolleyes
Shox - (Disc)(Pal Version) Get a steady framerate of 30FPS..... Ughhh
WRC Rally Evolved (Disc) Now this doesn't work with the Stable version of PCSX2 0.9.6 but runs in R1888, All smooth? Yeah right 25FPS in game with the textures spread out for miles! Glare

My system specs again are:
Intel I5 OC'd to 3.6GHZ per core
Nvidia 9800GT with 1GB of dedi Ram
Windows 7 64 Bit
Any more info needed ask.

My question is what can i do? I followed the setup you guys recommended and its not for happening! Does any one know anything i can try or am i a well and truely snookered individual? Blush

Admins/Mods if im breaking any rules please inform me with a warning or if im in the wrong topic, Thanks XD

Cheers guys Biggrin
Campbell Laugh

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What settings do you use? Can you link a picture or something to describe the problem better.

You should download the latest beta (not just public) as for emu so for plugins and play around with settings.
Almost each game requires unique settings, tweaking etc.

Try updating drivers and DirectX to latest ones also.

btw your specs are more than "up to scratch" x D

Nice man.
Yeah we need your full PCSX2 settings AND your plugin settings to be of any help.
For GT4, this should help:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Attached an image
got the latest Direct Sh!te settings
How do i get ahold of these other beta's?
Thanks for the help guys
PS. Thats for the NTSC version of GT4 no?

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Yeah the guide is only for the NTSC version. Other betas are not supported here so I wouldn't suggest it.
Very strange, your settings look fine. Try getting the December 30 plugin pack from here and use that GSdx.
It seems you just have bad luck and the games you're trying aren't getting emulated properly/hit bugs that slow them down tremendously. Try setting GSdx to software renderer and set 3 sw rendering threads, see how the performance is then
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yeah, everything looks fine to me also. Nothing strange...

You should definitely play with the settings a bit, trial and error eh.
Try changing to DirectX 9, speed hacks...

I think I have a copy of GT4 here so I'll put results if I find it.

btw, I sent you a pm so check it out.
Thanks for your help
Tried all that but still no luck Sad
Can you personally recommend a game which will run fine or has ran fine for alot of people?
I want to know if its the games or my stinking luck Tongue
All the best Smile
FFX,FFXII,Silent Hill 4, Devil May Cry 2,Tekken 4,Shadow Hearts 3,all Dynasty Warriors series,Katamary Damacy,Persona 3,4,Xenosaga 1,2,3 and so much more...try the software renderer as I mentioned earlier and report back for these hard to emulate games
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I tried the software renderer with my games
Works with shox
Doesn't with WRC
Thanks Bositman Smile
Can also confirm that the software renderer also allows the Pal Version (SCES51719) Of Gran Turismo 4 to work
Pretty flawless, runs at a steady 49FPS

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