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Football Kingdom - Only black screen, please help!
I would like to play a japanese soccer game called Football Kingdom in PCSX2 but all I get is a black screen and stops there. I tried every version of PCSX2 from the earliest 0.9.6 to the last ones and always the same result. The game gets stuck with a black screen at the beggining and stops there, does not go ingame.
Tried also all kind of graphic plugins and so. Never could go ingame.
My computer is a Pentium Dual Core E5700 3 Ghz with 4GB Ram and graphic card is NVidia GeForce GT 430, my software is Windows XP SP3 and I use DirectX 9 - Can someone please help me or did have the same result ? Thanks in advance..Excl

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u checked compatibility list for u'r game ?
(06-09-2013, 06:17 AM)Preet Wrote: u checked compatibility list for u'r game ?

Thanks for reading my post. The game does not appear in the compatibility list at all, it is not even listed in the group that "show nothing"...I don´t know whether to contact one of the emulator developers, maybe they can make a hack or patch for the game ? When I run the game the console message shows it recognizes the game as a "ntsc cd", but it stops there..
Make a proper bug report then.
To know how to make a proper bug report.
See bug reporting section here on the forum Smile

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