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For everyone with issues starting PCSX2 Mac
(05-13-2017, 01:22 AM)ScottDavidson Wrote: All Mac users just use this. One download. Simple. It works for me and I'm currently on Sierra. 


That's great and all, but the last post is almost a year old - I'm sure the user doesn't need help anymore. A quick check of the YouTube video you posted also shows that the author strongly encouraging piracy in the comments section, which we don't discuss here as per rule #1. Please refrain from posting such content in the future.
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I'm playing on Sierra (MBP 15" Mid 2012) and everything's fine up until the PCSX2-CE.app loaded, then I couldn't browse for my ISOs because the window keep freezing. Anyone please help?
Wrong thread, mate. This one is for zer0's build.

It's also pretty dead and rather obsolete, maybe time to archive it or something?
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