Forbidden Siren 2 (PAL) file read error
pcsx2 0.9.6. Tried multiple CDDVDROM plugins with the same result. The game never reaches the title screen. Stuck at a black screen with the console writing the following error:

rxfile : Failed to open file 'cdrom0:\IOPCONF.CNF;1'

I'm able to view the contents of <DVDDrive>:\IOPCONF.CNF in Notepad. Contents pasted below:

modules/ioprp300.img arg_ioprp300_img
modules/sio2man.irx arg_sio2man_irx
modules/padman.irx arg_padman_irx
modules/mcman.irx arg_mcman_irx
modules/mcserv.irx arg_mcserv_irx
modules/libsd.irx arg_libsd_irx
modules/rxsnddrv.irx arg_rxsnddrv_irx

What is the problem here?

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