Force Feedback/Rumble output in different form

I was wondering if it is possible (development-wise in the emulator or plugin) to translate force feedback/rumbles generated by games into a different output form.
For example, you could translate rumbles into low frequency bass audio output (20Hz-60Hz), this way if you have a "bass shaker" (devices that shake the couch based on low-freq bass audio) you can get the feedback/rumble feel in an immursive way (especially because this kind of rumble is programmed by game developers).
I already have the bass shaker working with audio output from PCSX2 (well with anything that ouput audio), but it would be great to merge the force feedback with it.
Development-wise, I don't think it would be hard to convert each rumble command into a low-freq audio output and mix it with the final audio output (of course as an option in config).

Any thoughts?

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