Force Feedback Using SteamOS Xpad Driver?
Hey guys,

I'm using PCSX2 1.3.1-0 - compiled on Aug 10 2015, from the PPA. I'm using an Xbox One pad connected through USB and using the SteamOS Xpad driver. Is there any way to enable force feedback for this driver, and if not, can we expect any support in the future? 



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Your PCSX2 version is too old. I implemented/got mainlined force feedback only a few days ago. You need to either get a more recent version from ppa or compile from git.
Otherwise, while I did not test myself, others have and so it should work with your driver once you have latest git or if you get a newer ppa(like from this week).
If it does not, test with multiple games, and give me a full bug report so that I may try to solve it.

Hope it helps.
I need to upgrade the PPA but I can't enable SDL2 on it because it brokes the audio for various people so no force-feedback yet. But be patient it will come.
I may have fixed the sound with SDL2. I will wait a couple of days if there isn't any show stopper and I will upload a new PPA version.
Thanks for the quick responses guys, I really appreciate it. So I setup a 32 bit chroot, added gregory's repository, ran build-dep pcsx2-unstable, and compiled PCSX2. Still couldn't get force feedback. I read gregory's post about SDL2, recompiled with SDL2, sound was broken, as gregory said, but I have force feedback! Sound is back to normal by switching back to the SPU plugin I compiled without SDL2. Thanks again.
So I was in the mood to upload a new version of the PPA.
Thanks as always for updating the PPA, gregory. Between 3kinox' input work and your graphics improvements - wow. Smile I believe sound is still broken with the Oct. 22 PPA update though - at least here (can anyone else help confirm?). By "broken" I mean that sound works initially, then at some random point within a few minutes of launching something, all sounds are scratchy. This happens no matter what Module and PortAudio API are chosen in SPU2-X. It also seems to occur regardless of what game is selected.
Did it occurs with SDL?
Yes, by setting the module to "SDL Audio" I get scratchy sound from the start.

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