Formula One 2002 [SCES-51004]
The game graphics are heavily glitched, see screenshots.
1)First loading screen(the"Sony Computer Entertainment etc."screen) is distorted, the "press start screen" too.
2)The loading screens when you see the blue map of circuit is also glitched. 
3) When you're driving on the track, there is a lot of mess on the screen (see screenshots)
4)Texture of rims and driver helmet is incorrect 

Problem number 2 is fixed when VU XGkick Hack is turned on (must be done manually), problem number 3 is fixed only partially, because there is some texture of vegetation on some parts of the track and some other textures are also on random places of the track. And the minimap seems to be broken too. 

Those problems are present even in software mode.
superVU, different clamping and rounding modes didn't help. Speedhacks were turned off.
PCSX2 1.5.0-20160426164644 - compiled on Apr 26 2016

OS: Win 8.1 x64
CPU: Intel Core i7 4700MQ
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 740M

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XGKick needs to applied to Formua One 2001 - 2003, but is only automatically added to 2003. If someone doesn't beat me to it I'll add 'em to a PR in the near future.
Thanks for adding them to the database. Is there any chance to fix the wheels, helmets and vegetation? Is there anything I can do?
Is the first loading/start screen issue solved in the latest GIT(with OpenGL (Hardware) as Renderer)?

If the other problems persist in software mode and clamping/rounding modes and game fixes don't help it might be deeper(core) issue that needs fixing.
Fixed on latest master. Thanks again

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