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800x600? 1024x768?

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i believe the size is 1024x768. Smile
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
Uh .. Size? It's 960 width, height = auto. o.o;;


I made a new layout. However, I didn't add any graphical resources beside news points. At this moment Im just building the anatomy, to hold the storing information..

View here:

I made a nifty iLayer Mouse Over Javascript Table. Which shows both News, and Events. Note: The links are not clickable yet. The layout is still under construction. Smile

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The News/Events toggles are too easily switched, they should require a click.

anyway not a fan of having a pokey space for news and then a massive image section, we have a screenshots section for images, the front page is all about the news Tongue2 I prefered your earlier mockup.

however i currently like the front page as it is, so i see no reason to change that, its just the forum more than anything we are experimenting with currently
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Hello refraction.

I totally agree on the fact that mouseclick should be required. Not because you just said so, but because of the fact that I was still experimenting with it. So no worries there. I'm still kinda programming a massive PHP layout behind the actually stored information. For better loading performances, and such on.

Just wait and see what I have to offer. Wink
1024MB, 3.5GHZ, nVidia GeForce 6600 GT, Windows XP Professional SP 2

"Money does not create happiness" - Yeah right~
I'm on 1440x900 and the link above that Nnjaa showed looked nice... minus the code bleed that was intended for the test... The only suggestion I'd have would be in the links section somewhere have the latest build and Latest beta in there... Nothings frustrated me more lately than seeing people talk about a Build I haven't seen and then searched only to come up empty lol

Nice work Smile
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