Forum structure
Right now I see that there is 4 placeces where users could post they issues about games: official, beta, playground and pluggins. And this is wery bad, because a lot of issue have obvious fix: usage another version, and heceforh discussion should go off section limits.

So I think, that game support section should be distinct from specific releases, and have a plain one-place structure, search-friendly.

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The sections are according to what the user wants to use.
So if the fix is use the beta,we will say it no matter what the forum! If he still has problems,he can post in the beta section again,since he will be using the beta Wink
It's cleaner this way and easier to give support
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And you have the same issues into all of the sections, some of issues would be ignored because someone who knows the answer does not read section etc. From my stump there is better have one section and a required filed -- version of emulator for first post in thread.
Err well if someone wants to find an answer he will search...I don't get what multiple forums lack from a single forum.
From past experience,people would not post which version of pcsx2 they were using,so we were getting more and more confused,had to close threads in wrong sections etc.
Now we can just move them and give support in the right section.I still think breaking it down this way is better Tongue
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I'll admit the new forum structure is a little bit confusing. I'm still having a bit of difficulty navigating around them, but hey, it's a thorough forum then, I guess?Tongue I believe there are to many sections with the same purpose, but slightly altered to the point that the forums here will seem spread thin. It'll take some getting used to, I'll imagine.
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