Found a solution for Treasure Planet's last emulation bug
I decided to get back into playing Disney's Treasure Planet since it was a favorite of mine when I was much younger.  However, the wiki showed that it has a major problem - if the game camera touches anything, it'll go flying off into the distance.  While this does reveal interesting things about the skyboxes, it makes the game unplayable.  The "workaround" in the wiki is "Don't let the camera touch any walls" which is so stupid that it made me laugh then almost cry.

Well, since it's such a niche game and not likely to get much attention, I decided to mess around with some settings and see if there was a solution.  There is - setting EE/IOP Round Mode to Nearest fixes the camera, fixing this issue.  The only reason I thought of this is because this is the same solution for the camera and rider getting seperated in SSX Tricky.  I didn't think it would be soultion for this game as well.

I don't know how to modify the wiki, so could someone who knows how modify the page and add my solution as the workaround?

Edit: the game is still broken. The camera does fly off a lot less, but sometimes it still does, and sometimes you just die randomly, as well as some weird movement every once in a while.

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