Fps drop issue
I just got my Notebook which has an i7-4702mq and it's running my games at 58 to 60 fps...
I played Dbz budokai 3 for about 1 and a half hours and i noticed that sometimes fps droped to 35-45 (mostly 37)
I tried Dbz Budokai tenkaichi 3 but fps drop was in it also...
Normally both the games run at 60 fps...but sometimes this fps drop occur and it's duration is usually 3 to 7 sec...
35-45 fps is playable and ignore able according to my experience but i just want to know that Why this fps drop occurs in such a modern intel cpu...
Pcsx2 has default settings... (I have not changed any settings including hacks)
My ram is 8gb and Gpu is gt 750m 4gb...
Is it really a cpu issue or something else becoz games normally runs at 58-60 fps...
Waiting for reply... Smile

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Are you playing from a disc or ISO? It could also be thermal throttling.
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And make sure your power plan is set to "High performance"
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To me this almost sounds like a classic overheating/down thothling issue.

(Instead, if you have set the performance setting to high, try to set it lower and see if you can still get playable speeds. Try this if overheating really is the issue)

You should also check your temps, I usually use HWmonitor for that http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html

Leave it open while you play and when the drops occur, check the temps.
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@ Nobbs66: I am playing not playing from Disc...I downloaded ps2 games from *snip*
I think That it's not an overheating issue Because my notebook is not very hot...
"When it comes to Pc games...I played NFS-the run and i didn't noticed any fps drops"

@ Blyss Sarania: Yes my power plan is set to high performance...My notebook is Also plugged in during gaming...

@ Thewonderboy: Yes it sounds like an overheating issue but i didn't find my notebook very hot Sad
Any ways thanks for Hwmonitor Smile I will checkout my temps during gameplay and i will post them here soon...
But the question here is that why there is not any fps drops in pc games? (As they r more cpu and gpu intensive games i think)

One of my friends told me that it's 5400 rpm hard drive issue as it is slow for pcsx2!!! Is it true?

Any ways thanks guys for ur replies....
Quote:I am playing not playing from Disc...I downloaded ps2 games from *snip*

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Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Thread closed.
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