Fps help =(
Oh no another fps topic haha =(
Hey, I've tried running the the 9.0.6 version of pcsx2, and some other version, now I'm onto the latest beta version. My direct x is the latest update I could get. I'm running KH2 at about 25-35 fps =( and I want to get it going as fast as possible.

My computer specs are:
[Image: system.jpg]

My Graphics card is :
[Image: config1.jpg]

I've tried many settings but can't figure it out =/
maybe my PC just stinks xD its a little older.

- Steve.

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Um...Pentium 4 2.8GHZ isn't just "a little older". It's ancient. This is why you are getting slow framerates.
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So is there no chance? haha.
PCSX2 typically requires a fast dual-core CPU to run at full speeds, so if you tried running the latest beta and speedhacks and still don't get good performance, you're out of luck and will have to upgrade.

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