Fps problems
I have recently downloaded pcsx2, and tried to run kingdom hearts, but when i reach the beach and the real game begins i have problems getting above 35 fps, i have tryed all plugins that is compatible with my cpu, different settings, resolutions, options and speedhacks with no difference in fps at all.

My spec:
Intel pentium dual core 3.00 Ghz
Nvidia geforce 9800 gt
2 gig ram

I think its good enough from what i have read, but since i cant get it to work i came here.

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What you need to use:
Latest PCSX2 beta
Latest GSdx with 8 bit textures disabled
First try with default settings with all speed hacks on and report back
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Did you configure your Configure->CPU->Frame Skip(VU skip default)..Try GSDX 0.1.15..What is your OS (operating system,WinXP,Vista,Win7)
thanks a lot Bositman, works perfect now, only small fps drops sometimes, nothing that matters =)
Nice to hear Wink
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