Frame Drops on KH2 Final Mix
Emulator version is, which is the latest right now i think.

Anyway, whenever I boot up kh2: fm i can play problem free for a good 15 to 20 minutes, but then I get gradual frame drops that bring my game from a usual 60 fps down to 33 fps. It does this for around 15 seconds before reverting back to its usual 60 fps. It runs fine for a minute or two and drops again. it happens anywhere really, it's begun in movie scenes, fights (boss and normal), even just walking around.

Specs: Intel Core i7 CPU 870 @2.93GHz
Graphics Nvidia Geforce GTS 450
Windows 7


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Do u have the "cool and quite"(cant remember the name for the intel one) function activated? Also is always good to post ur pcsx2 config, so we can c if any is "wrong".

speedstep, but its not the problem here, the turbo throttle is.
Oh ic, so he need to turn off the turbo stuff, right?

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