Frame Limit turns itself off sometimes
I'm playing Final Fantasy X [PAL] and I've got the Frame Limiter set to 60 because it goes over otherwise, and everytime I pause and use another program, such as Firefox, I come back to PCSX2 and the limit has been turned off...has anyone else had this happen and is there a way to stop it from turning itself off all the time, apart from not pausing to go do something else?

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if you "pause" by using alttab, well, tab is the hotkey to turn limiter on/off
Ah thanks, I guess the solution is pressing escape instead of simply pausing the game, or just click out instead of Alt+Tab but I'm too used to using Alt+Tab.
Anyway, the sound seems to be a bit weird also, where characters sometimes speak too fast and the sound is always delayed from the mouth movement and actions for the sound effects. Is there a way to change the timing?

Sorry if I'm asking repeated questions, it's hard to find specific threads because the search function doesn't use keywords, only phrases..
Try using Peops sound plugin.
Peops plugin doesn't seem to work for me, and Zero SPU2 crashes the emu so I'll be using SPU2-X. Then again, I haven't tried the latest revisions of the sound plugins so I should give them a go.

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